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Meet Kanin Wren

Kanin Pronunciation:

  1. Ka- as in Ka-boom! 🥁 (Think of the strong beat on a drum.)

  2. -nin as in begin the music! 🎸 (Just like how a song begins with a strong intro.)

Say "Ka-nin" and you're hitting the right note!

As Kanin’s name continues to capture the hearts of music fans, the Michigan native is just getting started. Kanin’s career is skyrocketing already. She has played 250 shows, while balancing school and songwriting college classes and is looking forward to hitting the road in 2024 during her gap year.. She’s driven and dedicated to her vision to share her music. She continues to co-write with the legends she has built relationships with through her songwriting classes. 


Her songwriting received national attention when the Nashville Songwriter International Association claimed her first co-write is “one to watch”.  Local Spins also named her an Artist to Watch for 2022 and then Emerging Artist of the Year in 2024.In 2023, Revue Magazine followed suit, putting focus for 2023 on her growing fan base. Even Pure Michigan has embraced the native songbird, featuring her track “Torch Lake Breeze” on their Summer playlist. Fiercely rooted in giving back, this all-American Girl embraces all genres of music as she carves out her own successful career in music. 


Photo Credit: HZ Photography

In 2022, Kanin recorded an EP with California producer Matt Bissonette, who also plays bass for one of her heroes, Elton John. This release showcased new sides of Kanin’s music, balancing pop, rock, and soul.In 2023, she released several singles from her time with Scott Gerow at Battery Lane in Nashville.  As she continually writes new material, she is gearing up for co-writes to support her 2024 debut album. Kanin is at an experimental stage but one thing is for certain, her followers are here for it.


Kanin has been practicing walking the Grammy carpet since age six and those who know her have no doubts she’ll find herself there. With wisdom beyond her years and vibrant stories to share, she credits her family, those before her, and Michigan summers as sources of inspiration. 


Kanin has learned her voice has the power to raise others up and create community. She first started performing in hospitals and assisted living facilities. Her passion makes smiles contagious, only enhanced by her ability to connect and make people of all ages feel seen, heard, and understood. Kanin has made it her mission to do what she can with the gift she has been given, using her talent to raise thousands of dollars for children and teachers she knew who were battling cancer and leukemia. In the future, she hopes to continue making a difference in the lives of those who need it most with music.

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Meet the Team

Hard work makes the dream come true! Here are some of the rockstars who make the show go on.

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