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Listen to the New Single: Dine & Dash!

Dine & Dash is now available on all streaming platforms! 

dine and dash cover.jpg

With a heart of gold and a voice like sunshine, Kanin is taking over one fan at a time. Nashville Songwriter International Association claimed her first co-write is “one to watch”. Local Spins also named her an Artist to Watch for 2022. Even Pure Michigan has embraced the native songbird, featuring her track “Torch Lake Breeze” on their Summer playlist. She has the versatility of Taylor Swift, the lyrical style of Olivia Rodrigo, with the All American feel of Carrie Underwood.

Kanin has been making music since she can remember. As a joy filled powerhouse, Kanin’s undeniable gifts as a singer, songwriter, musician and performer demand the listener’s attention. Her voice captures open hearts with both a fierce intensity and a tender touch of warmth. You can find Kanin Wren's singles on all streaming platforms.


Kanin is currently working on putting together her first original full length record with the intention of release in 2024. Her style is constantly growing and developing and she is excited to create something unique with her voice lending to the Americana and Pop genres. 

Latest Releases:

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