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As Kanin's career continues to soar, she made a significant impact on the music scene with the highly anticipated launch of Kanin Wren's Taylor Swift Experience in April 2023. Recognizing the growing demand and the admiration for both Kanin and Taylor Swift, the Michigan native curated a special live experience that captivated fans. The shows were an instant success, with tickets selling out quickly, leaving many eager fans unable to secure a spot.


Kanin's Taylor Swift Experience featured a series of sold-out shows, each filled with unforgettable moments. The live performances showcased Kanin's versatility and talent as she flawlessly navigated through Taylor Swift's extensive catalog, incorporating her own unique interpretations. The shows were known for their energetic atmosphere, featuring dynamic costume changes that reflected Taylor Swift's iconic stage presence. To elevate the experience, Kanin performed alongside a full band, creating a vibrant and immersive musical journey for the audience. The inclusion of a talented group of musicians enhanced the live renditions of Taylor Swift's hits and allowed Kanin to infuse her own artistry into the performances. The Taylor Swift Experience was designed to be family-friendly, attracting fans of all ages who share a love for Taylor Swift's music.

About the Show

Word on the street is...

"Not only do you have an amazing voice and are a super talented guitarist, you also have the poise and confidence on stage that even seasoned artists sometimes lack. We may have come for the Taylor Swift Experience, but you gave us so much more... You are definately top notch!" - @rah.rah_79
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